Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ed Thompson Ceramics

Good Morning!

Over here in our house, this is pretty much the way we start out every day... a cup of very strong coffee brewed in a french press pot, and served in our favorite mugs. These mugs are the ones I always reach for first...

Greg is the one who discovered Ed Thompson ceramics for us. He always can spot something extra special, so I have learned to pay attention to his "spottings". It didn't take long for me to appreciate this amazing potter's work once Greg brought home our first piece. It took it's place on our living room coffee table, and became a special fixture, admired by all.


More pieces followed, as well as the aforementioned coffee mugs, covered bowls, gifts for friends, etc. We became "devotees" of Ed Thompson's work.

We were crushed when we learned of Ed's passing earlier this year, from cancer. A young man (relatively speaking), Ed was in his early 50s. When we heard there was going to be an Ed Thompson Memorial Show, we sent pictures to Ed's wife of our few, special, lovely large pieces. Two were selected for the show. The show is still going on at the UCSD Craft's Center, and will be for only one more week, until August 27th. If you are interested in seeing more photos of Ed's work from the show, here is a link to the Craft Center's Flickr page. All the show pieces are pictured on that page, and each is more special than the last. I recommend a visit to the show if you are local. Though we never met Ed, it's evident that he was a very special man, and it shows in his work. Rest in Peace, Ed Thompson.


michael cather said...

As a young man I was always enthralled by ceramics and the art of the wheel and considered pursuing ceramics as a career, though I was persuaded to pursue a more academic career. Years later a colleague recommended UCSD crafts center.

My first class was with Ed Thompson and after a few more classes, Ed asked me to be his TA, of course I was thrilled to be learning and mastering the different aspects of ceramics. Ed gave me my first wheel and after his passing his wife gifted me one of Ed's kilns, she mentioned he wanted me to have it. Beyond being a master potter, Ed was a beautiful, kind person and will always feel very honored to have been his friend.

The Crafts Center was a second home for me, from the camaraderie in the classes, Raku adventures with Paul the studio manager, Late night fiestas with Ron et al in the glass studio to lonely sunday mornings kiln sitting. The time I spend at UCSD crafts center and the people that befriended me will be remembered as a special time in my life.

Valerie said...

Hello Michael,
Thank you for sharing your remembrances of Ed and the special time you spent at the UCSD Crafts Center. I am still heartbroken this valuable community resource is no longer there. Even though you took a more academic path, I hope you still spend time crafting ceramics. It does the mind, body and soul so much good!