Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Freaky Family

Creating family is a mixture of the fixing, the building, the caring, the supporting and the love. What a complicated, wonderful thing... families. Some of us are loving sorts, trying ones, even challenging, some are helper souls, some going through trials, some as happy as pie... Born of like minds, set up to be similar, yet we are all so different, each completely unique! What a mystery!

Building character in one's children isn't easy. (How come it seems like it's so easy for others?) I think I am tricked easily... by my own children, and by my silly ideas too! I struggle to hold my own against their tide... moving to and from me in everchanging circles. (sigh) I try to stay steadfast, and I get tumbled head over feet. Wow, what just hit me???

I am glad I have my wonderful, freaky, funny, loveable, struggling family. They bring me to places I never knew I'd go... some days are like taking a trip to the Netherlands, ...while others feel like sunshine in my own back yard. These people who live with you, born from you, share your goodness and your tribulations. I pray that I can show them my best, help them every day, so that when my worst comes out, they know it's just a momentary lapse, and all will be back to "normal" again soon!

Seems like the harder days take more thinking. I ponder and mull, and my hands work out the kinks alongside my busy mind... Lo, what's become of me? Look at what my hands have turned out this week! Some Freaky Friendlys!

LOL, they are freakishly cute on the flip side, too!

Let's hope my hands can keep forming and helping the human ones in my life too... hoping and praying for help each day to reach beyond what I'm capable of, and use my artistic and spiritual gifts to help those in my life reach any freaky thing they have their hearts set on!

What craziness have you (and your family) been up to lately?
x, Val


Heather Woollove said...

Well, Val...we had a few heart-stopping moments two weeks ago when they announced the Norway shootings, since my middle daughter was in Norway for the whole month of July...with children...at a camp. Thank heavens she and her charges were safe, but I'm still feeling so much sorrow for all of those poor parents...XXO-

Valerie said...

Oh my, Heather... What worry and concern for you. I'm so glad to hear everyone is o-ok in your camp. Thankful, thankful.
x, Val