Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ashamed? Heck no!

A recent family day at the Chula Vista Nature Center in front of the Shark Exhibit

Having teenagers is tough. I'm laying my cards on the table and I'm saying it right out loud. If we all knew what living through teen years would be like, then I'm convinced we'd have about 1/2 of babies born than the ones who actually are. See the photo above? The boys actually look like they are having fun, right? We had to practically drag Kyle into the Chula Vista Nature Center that day kicking and screaming, with attitude galore. (How is it that Drew is the one who normally gives us attitude, and on this day, he was the perfectly charming go-along kid?) Really. Heck. I can't keep it straight... How do families cope who have more than two kids? Maybe three is the perfect number. After #3, everyone has to just cope or keep up!

So, yesterday I was in a forced situation where I needed to wait for Kyle for 1/2 hour. There was a sweet young woman who is the wife of the business owner, who wanted to sit and chat. OK, I brought along my knitting (as I do), but she was one chatty-Cathy, and soon I found out she was curious about life with teenagers. Then, I found out that she and her husband are new parents of an 8 month old... Pretty soon, the baby woke up from her nap, and here came this sleepy baby, staring me down like no tomorrow. Oh my, I'm going to spill my guts now...

So, I used to be a baby gusher, a kootchie-coo-er, a "come on over and see me!"-er... all the way up until about May 11th, 2011, when my youngest, Kyle, turned 13. Now, I see that all that comes of those sweet little babies are big, grumpy, surely, smelly teens. (You can stop reading right now, and go on to the next pleasant blog... I'm warning you!) Once they turn 13, they somehow become possessed, OMG... "Where did my sweet kid go, and when the heck is he coming BACK??!" I have asked God this question every day for the past 5 months and 4 days. Really, God?? Please don't tell me this kid is my sweet Kyle, and he's a NEW Kyle... is my sweet baby boy never coming back to me...? I don't think I can take it. First Drew, and now Kyle... What's next? You guessed it; Teens Against Parents. I'm sure it's a club. Ok, I am fully ready to hide under the nearest rock for the next 6-7 years. Can a parent do that? Apparently, NOT the responsible ones.

Did I ever think I would need to be THIS responsible? This grown up? I know I thought about it, and apparently decided I could handle it. Did I take it seriously? Well, if not, I sure the heck have to now. Perhaps I was a willful young girl... (well, I was in my 20s), but I've always taken my responsibilities pretty seriously. Not too good with willful teens, I admit it: I am going to need some help over here. The help I need has to do with my desire to be
1. a good mom and partner (to my husband),
2. the best mom and partner,
3. a perfect mom and partner,
4. raising perfect kids,
5. with a perfect marriage.
And, the big one:
6. An Ecologically Responsible Mom Running Her Own Successful Eco-Business While Parenting Angelic Teens Who Do Well In School And Having A Clean - Oops Spotless - House And Makes Her Husband The Happiest Man In The World

Oh yes, and number 7. a baby gusher again...

Oh God, I do so need help.

Stay tuned, because I think I've found someone to give me a hand. (It's not just with the housework!)

Thanks for listening!
x, Val


Karin said...

Omgosh....Val you kill me! At least you go a picture of them smiling. I remember when we were up in LA this summer at the Train Park and I had to beg, plead and finally just yell "all I'm asking for is one picture...just one picture...." I believe I scared the other families around us. Damn kids....:0) Remember perfection is highly overrated....or so they say. Hugs....

Marfa said...

Well, I have a couple more years until mine are teens...I will have to relish this time!
I live by this quote:
"There's no way to be a perfect mom (or dad or anything!!!) but a million things you can do to be a good mom."

Sandy Michelle said...

Yeah I am soooo not looking forward to my kids becoming teens. I have 3 kids and am having a tough time now-at their ages of 5,8& 10!I bet the reason why Drew was best behaved that day was because he figured he didn't have to act out since Kyle did it for him. My kids do that all the time. Well hang in there and just remember that no Mother is perfect! BTW my house isn't always as clean as it looked like in my blog pix ;)

Sandy xox