Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm So Square

My booth at the Del Mar Taste and Art Show. I need to work on signage
around the top of my canopy... I can see now what needs to be done!

Yes, and I'm really happy about it! I love my new Square Up credit card processing system, and never dreamed using credit processing at my shows could be this easy! Have you heard of Square? Here's what it looks like. See? It just connects to the top of my phone. I downloaded a free app which I can use on my phone, or iPad, and it's DONE!

I don't pay any monthly charges, so I just use it when I need to. I pay 2.75% processing fees for swiped charges (and 3.5% if I have to manually enter the information). The money I collect is deposited into my linked bank account within 1-2 business days. Plus... I pretty much wowed every customer who paid using credit yesterday. I'm hooked on Square. If you are a craft show vendor, you might want to check into Square for your sales too. For such a little device, it will put you in business in a very big way.

I love you, Square :o)
x, Val

PS. Thanks to all of you who came out to the Del Mar Taste and Art Show yesterday. It was a gorgeous day, and I met lots of new people up in North County. Not too sure they really understood my "Land of Cutes" world, but they were certainly captivated by all of it. Again, my best seller of the day was ... clothing! Oh golly, got to get felting so I can create more!


Marcia DeCoster said...

I love that dress with the argyle front!

Marfa said...

So many sweet unique pieces...I adore that striped girl's top with the bird and flowers!

Resweater said...

That credit card thing is too cool! I may have to look into that... i'm a little behind when it comes to technology. I would have loved to stroll through your booth. So many gorgeous things! I don't know if you've already started on a banner, but I just used a big wool scarf, and appliqued scrap letters on (it's the banner on my blog). It pins to the top of my canopy, or to the table cloths if i'm indoors, at shows. However you do yours, I know it will be amazing!

Valerie said...

Thanks girls, for your nice comments! I really like the idea of the scarf banner with designs on it... I will be putting on my thinking cap on that one!
x, Val