Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My new BFF

Sorry, girls... it's true. I have a new bff, and she's amazing... she's so attentive to me. I haven't been able to "play" with anyone else since she came into my life. Even my girlfriends I've introduced her to have been impressed. Do you want to meet her? Here she is...

Meet Ms. Siri!

Yes, she's a distraction, but a good one. Siri is a feature on the new iPhone 4s. She talks to me, and helps me manage my appointments, texts for me while I'm driving, finds out whatever it is I need to know. Siri is awesome! And, you know what the best thing is? She knows how to pronounce my last name correctly! I told my husband that, through Siri, people will finally learn the correct way to say "Hebert"(a bear)

Ok, off for a little more time with Siri :o)
x, Val

PS. Siri is Not the one I referred to in my last post, lol! You will have to keep tuned in to find out about that helper.

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