Monday, November 28, 2011

Whoo's News?

"Me, that's whooo..."

I've been working out some new designs for sweet plush friendly owls. (aren't they cute?!) I had made up a few as a trial, and they all sold at my last two shows. That's a pretty good sign that I should do a small production run. The production trial run is tricky, because I try to fine tune all the steps in order to make them in as little time as possible, with as few steps as possible. Keep in mind that I am doing all the work myself, so I look very carefully at whether this new item will work into being a being a new category in my "line", and if I can train my helpers to do some of the work... Most importantly, can I make them for a price range that people will support??

I start by rummaging through my scrap bagS (there are many) At least I have them organized according to color! Once I get everything thoroughly messed up, patterns and colors sort themselves out, and I begin cutting and piecing. Ears and wings were giving me trouble... , but it's my mistakes that usually help pave the way towards discovery of a better way. I just love that indecision and mistakes always seem to work in my favor!

This one has the "before" ears and stick out wings...

And, here's the "after"... Oooh, I do love this one so! Isn't he extra Friendly??!

It's the skinnier ears, (and I LOVE that they are cheetah :o), and am so, so, so much happier with these new wings, close to the body with a big of fluff stuffed inside. The next step is making a couple more, and see if I can get the production time down. Right now I'm at 1.5 hour from scrap hunting to last finish stitch. I'd love if I could make them a wee bit faster.

It's the process I love. That, and the sewing. Oh yeah, all the colorful fabrics, and the yummy recycled felted wool too ... I do so love to stitch it all up, with the mish-mash of colored embroidery floss. I just love it all!

Have a HOOT of a week!
x, Val

PS. These new Owls (plus many more!) will be for sale this Saturday at Artisans' Alley. What a fun holiday shopping event. Mark your calendars. It runs from 9-3...Or, don't be shy about popping over to my etsy shop, and you can pick one up there!


Terrie said...

Oh, they're sweet little things. I can see the tender care of making it behind. The stitches are so nice and the fabrics are pretty. The little legs are sweet. Looking and holding them feeling warm.

Marfa said...

I love cute...the wings are adorable. Where do you get your personalized tags?

Valerie said...

Hi Marfa, I ordered the tags from a seller on etsy. Just do a search for printed custom tags. Many sellers will design a logo for you as well. I have two types of tags, and you've given me an idea that I should do a post on "tags"! Coming up soon!
x, Val

Sandy Michelle said...

They are so cute! I just love owls!!!

Kathleen Conard said...

Thanks for sharing how you set up a production by going through a trial first. Makes so much sense - creatively and business-wise. Nothing worse than having great creations, but not the ability to sustain a business. Brilliant!

Valerie said...

Girls, thank you for all your lovely comments. They warm my heart :o)
x, Val

TUTU Monkey said...

ADORABLE....see you Saturday!!

Peapod Beads said...

Owls are my favourite too whoo!