Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cleaning the house of my heart

Who really enjoys cleaning house? I, for one, allow my ADD to take over, and find any and every distraction possible in order to procrastinate. Lol! But when cobwebs take over and dust bunnies appear under every chair, then it's time to face the music and get down to business. Once I'm in good house cleaning mode, and give the place the ol' 1-2-3, the place shines like nobody's business!

Cleaning the house of my heart is another matter entirely.... It's not easy to see exactly where the dirt has piled up, or where the rust has started to grow. All I know is that I feel like I'm in a rut, and life in general seems to deplete me. My relationships suffer, and a sad stillness creeps over my being. My bed goes unmade, figuratively, and my days seem to slide into lethargy. It's really not a pretty sight when my heart's house is in disorder.

I must have known this was happening from the inside out when I signed up for the Business Soul Sessions class that's being taught by Kelly Rae Roberts and Beth Nicholls. Even the title spoke to me... Hello Soul Hello Business. Yep, my soul needed a dusting off, and big time. What I didn't realize was how much the class content would reach down into the inner reaches of my heart, give it a big ol' shake up, and ask me to look into the depths of my soul. Yes, the soul restoration was about to finally begin.

Oh, my heck, yes. Did it ever begin.

I realized that lately, many of my heart worthy situations had been put on the back burner while I focused on the many smaller details of living my life. But those back burners had finally started to simmer and hiss at me. It was time to turn inward, and to get busy! I have been reminded that it's so important to Listen to Me. I know I talk about it a lot, but how much have I actually been doing that? Apparently, not enough. I have learned a big lesson, and it's this:

When we need to hear the message, and we don't listen, then roadblocks appear and get in our way. The roadblocks mean it's time to stop, examine, and listen, and put ourselves back in order by eliminating and dealing with the roadblocks so we can get emotionally back on track. Once we put our emotional house back in order, everything will realign and things will begin to work ok again.

My roadblocks were created by feelings of fear, inadequacy, and worry. They
seemed to encompass every aspect of my intimate personal life, from disharmony within my family, to support I couldn't muster, to the people I surrounded myself with. My roadblocks caused me to doubt myself and question my purpose. Ultimately, they have caused me nothing but pain.

What I know now is this;
  • My still waters run very deep. Though calm and quiet on the surface, I am a true force, and my force is strong and powerful. It has never led me wrong. I must learn to trust it against all odds.
  • I am going to connect with people who have *SNAP*. These are people who get me, and I get them, and we support each other, and work with each other. Yes, I need people with *SNAP* (just snap your fingers together to see what comes to mind for a person who has SNAP!)
  • I work more closely with God in charge, on every corner, around every bend. He is my leader and my guide, and speaks to me with the whispering voices that I can always hear if I just open myself up to them.
  • I will not be sorry about moving emotionally forward, for in my heart I know that I am a Sparkling Gem, and I am good, and true. People who are with me are people I will build up, and we will work together towards goodness, and ultimately we will achieve greatness.
  • My family will receive the biggest benefit of my transformation, for they are the ones I love the most and care for, and my life is made whole by the world we create together.
So, *SNAP*, I'm on it! Give it some thought and go to it... Get your own *SNAP* on, girl! Above everything else, you will love yourself for it :o)
x, Val


Amy Hillenbrand said...

Hi Val, What a heartfelt post. I can relate to almost everything you said. We do need to listen listen listen. Seems like it should be really easy, I guess it is us that makes it hard. I applaud your bravery. Keep-a-going!

Karin said...

I just adore you Val! you are such an inspiration to me....I'm going to snap my fingers so we can get together soon! k

Valerie said...

Thanks Amy. We will be brave in this together :o) And, Karin, you are *SNAP* for me, girl!
x, Val

Arlenesfelt said...

Val, I would love to take the birdie earring class. When will you do another one? Could you let me know?
Thanks, Arlene