Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fantastic Felt

I am crazy about felt! I admit it. I started as a young girl with a love for sewing, migrated to painting and drawing love, then to knitting love and finally felting. So I guess that makes Felt my current love affair. Who could possible know what will come next? For now, it's all about everything Felt!

On that note, here are a few photo's of Lynda Watson's (my felt instructor from last week) magical felt cactus brooches. Lynda is a silver smith artist, so it's no joke to me that she would naturally progress to sculpting felt. The possibilities of sculpting felt are somewhat similar to the challenges of working metal (I took a semester of metal smithing while finishing up my degree at SDSU). The benefit to working with felt is that it is clean, soft, mess free, delicate and forgiving. Plus, the natural fiber just feels so good in one's hands!

Our felting class was filled with like minded souls; knitters, artists, metal workers, jewelry artists, all natural fiber lovers. One thing I wanted to try during our time together was wet felting. Even though our instructor, Lynda, was an accomplished felter, she hadn't done too much wet felting.

I started out making flat felt sheets to get the feel of things...

All of the wet felting novices (us!) were interested in creating a range of wet felted tubes, rods and even bowls. It was crazy fun to feel the felt come together in your hands. Now I have a clear idea of the feeling of how felting works! Mary Lou, a classmate who had extensive wet felting background, made this gorgeous wet felted vessel...

Liza and I went mad over Mary Lou's piece, and decided to get crazy, wooly wet too, and dove right in to lying lightweight and airy flecks of felt together. We added soapy water, a little rubbing and agitation...

...then, voila! A bowl is born!

The end of the week brought everybody's finished work out on display for the art opening. Here's my display of wet and dry needle felting. It was a rich week filled with learning all sorts of new felting techniques, and I enjoyed every minute!

Sign me... So felt happy :o)
x, Val


Heather Woollove said...

Hahahaha...I knew it would get you eventually!! :)
Beautiful work, Val!! XXO-

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Val,

Very cool!!! I've wondered about felting too; but I think it would bother my teeth (kind of like the nails down a chalkboard thing).

Wonderful results!


Arlenesfelt said...

Wonderful pieces, Val! You obviously had a great time.

bhaskar said...

Very nice images...good work thanks for the information

pixiemoss said...

loved your photos, i love felting too its very addictive!!