Monday, April 9, 2012

design finds

My HSHB online class is in it's last few weeks, and though I am sad it's soon coming to a close, I feel ready to begging putting many of the new ideas I've learned into action. I am also getting ready for another exciting class organized by the amazing, and inventive Beth Nicholls; The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design. (If you are interested in finding out about Beth's repertoire of incredible online classes, check her out here.)

...I am 7 years old, and wandering in and out and under the stacks of fabrics (yes, you can do "under" when you are 7!) while my mom shops to make a new dress, or curtains for my brother's room. Lost in the scent, and color, and feel of the fabric.... and my mom tells me I can "pick out what I want, and she'll make me a new dress!" Yip! So excited! and, I am lost in the fabrics again....

So, now, everything I'm looking at is inspiring my thoughts about surface pattern design.... are you like that too? I get an idea in my head, sometimes just an inkling of an idea, and once it takes hold, everything becomes colored by it. I find I am thinking in patterns and shapes, bold lines, and complimentary colors. I am getting so excited for what's coming next!!

.... I am finishing high school, and beginning college courses, and for fun, I take a class in fashion illustration. Though I love drawing and painting glorious dresses on models, and billowing blooms of fabrics, my mind wanders to what more I can do to support the seamstress love that's taken ahold of my heart.... wouldn't it be grand to be able to design the illustrations for fabric prints?, I muse. But, how does one go about doing the likes of that???...

A visit to Etsy takes on a new experience as I stumble around, landing on the likes of Nancy Desmond. I am smitten! A walk through the neighborhood with my camera, and I see pattern and shape, color and design everywhere. Idea sources and inspiration are coming at me faster than I can handle.... beautiful!

Won't you join me as I begin yet another big adventure - climbing into the world of surface pattern design?! I'm loving this wacky, realtime adventure-seeking I am doing, and watching things that I have been dreaming about for nearly my whole life finally come true!

What are you doing to fulfill a life long dream, girl friend? Leave me a comment so I can come take a peek into your crazy crafty world!

x, Val

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Marfa said...

Art is everywhere, beauty and inspiration even in the ugly. Have you read "The Artist's Way" by Julie Cameron?
I just blogged about sewing some fabric bags, for sandwiches and snacks...but oh, I'd love to design my own fabric! ♥