Sunday, April 1, 2012

Grrl crush

Do you get those too? Girl crushes? Um humm, I know you do... So, it's ok to admit it. Today, I'm crushing big time... I'm over the moon about grrl + dog


I actually first stumbled on her pinterest page. That's where the trouble began. I found out she's a fan of Julie Arkell, and my sighs of "oh no" got going. After about an hour of checking out all 3641 pins.... sigh (Ok, I know you do this too! so, don't think badly of me, aka. Ms. Time Waster)

Profile Picture of grrl + dog

I think what it really comes down to is that I see a bit of me in her. I see a love for fiber, knitting, painting, vintage, and of course, ...the dog. She has a big lot of experience, which of course makes me feel jealous and on edge, but in reality, I kind of want to be just like her... at least I feel that way today, ...for about an hour. Ok. Yes, it's ok...

Lavender Vintage fabric stitched keepsake softie rag  doll with vintage button eyes - Mouse

She says things like this about products she makes: "I love the era of the thirties and forties and try to source material that reflects a time when things were more honest, and people kept every single thing."

I could be saying just the same thing about my products! I just haven't figured out such cool wording yet...

So, though grrl + dog has no earthly idea who I am, I'm the one who is right up her alley today, a little bit stalk-y, and all about her business. (must. take. a. break. from. computer. now)

What do you think? "val + bird" for a new business name?... it kinda has a nice ring to it, don't you think?!

ok, enough.

Who is your girl crush today? I know you have one!
x, Val


Marfa said...

Those are so cute...especially the flowers...I think I could get my 8 and 10 year old daughters into making some like those! My crush would have to be Myko Bocek:

kelli may-krenz said...

you are just delightful. i love your blog.simply adore you. kelli

Sandy Michelle said...

Neat twist on the flowers. I think her name is so unique and original too.Have a great Easter Val!

Sandy xox