Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Read All About It!

Have you heard about the new "About" page on Etsy? The creative masters in charge of the Etsy online world have instituted a fantastic new feature. The new About pages are a fantastic addition to each sellers online presence, allowing for several rotating photos, and an impressive new format. I love how it looks, it kind of feels like you are entering into a special storefront ...all about me (you)!

I hope you will head over to my shop by clicking here and take a look. And, if you have your own etsy shop, make sure you take some time to set up your own About page. I think you will be glad you did!

As a quick reminder, the Birdy Box 2 part class begins tomorrow, and there are a few spots left. Call over to Paper Tales 619-222-2510 to sign up!

x, Val


Karin said...

LOVE the new about page Val! I haven't been on Etsy for so long I had no idea about the changes.....

505whimsygirl said...

Very cool Val! I got the email about the "About" page but I've been so bad in listing things in my shop.... although I do have some things that I just need to take photos of and get going!

Love your bird houses!!

God's Little People said...

Love the look and feel of your storefront Val, really cool! I just had a browse in my own Etsy pages (it's been a while since I've been active) but I can find NOTHING that suggests the new ABOUT page. Any suggestions or directions??
Hugs from Greece,
P.s. If you can spare a moment you're welcome to drop me a line/suggestion on joanbowell@yahoo.com - would love to change the about setting - it's really neat!

Valerie said...

Hi Joan, and all,
Here's how to get to your About page: make sure you are on the main page of your etsy shop, and that you are logged in. Look on the left for the black type that says Shop Sections, Shop Owner, Shop Info. Under Shop Info, you will see About. Click there, and there should be.a prompt at the top of the page about editing your About page. If you feel stumped, click on the help boxes, and you will be given examples for making your shop's About page as wonderful as you are. Good luck!
x, Val