Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last minute details

Ugh, there are always those dang last minute details right before a show, including some crazy figuring out. Tonight, it's along the lines of attaching "legs" to a robot plushie. Sometimes I shake my head at myself. Really... Do we really need a last minute robot?

Why, yes, I think we do!

Come visit me this coming weekend at the Renegade LA show. I will be in booth 85, along with my booth share mate, Emmie Bean. It's sure to be a weekend full of fun. The show runs from 11-7 both Sat and Sunday. Hope to see you!

x, Val

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quirky Cute

Lately, I've been all about the Quirky, and all about the Cutes... well, my work is, as least! I go through phases of letting my artistic painterly side shine, to my crazy whimsy side, to my tailored-artistic side. Right now, it's Quirky-cute.

How about these girls dresses? Holy-moly, I literally am going crazy in my fabric stash department! I could put these fabric mixes together 'til the cows come home, I swear!

And, how about the back sides? As fun as the fronts! Check out those spotted zippers! Who thought of that? I love them!

Renegade LA is creeping closer... just 5 more days. I will save my story about the hawk and my sewing machine for another day (it's a doozy!) but will leave you with this picture of me and Kyle. At 14, he has just passed me in height! And he doesn't mind posing and being with his mom, even though she likes dressing like a 6 year old. LOL!

Have yourself a good week!
x, Val

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Readying for Renegade LA

At this point, a week and a half before an upcoming new show, things start to get a little bit frantic in my art and craft life. I start sleeping only about 6 hours a night. I make about 15 mental lists a day. And my work desk takes on the appearance of a tornado touching down. It's not exactly pretty...

I thought I'd just take some "snippet" photos so you can get a glimpse of what's in store for the Renegade LA show. I am getting SO excited! I am making clothing like mad (more photos of clothing coming soon) Today, Toshi learned how to make the birdy brooches. I've changed up the design a bit so they are more lively in color... Aren't they adorable?!

These big XO Lovie Friendly's are such a piece of work to make. But, they are so irresistible, and all the ones I made last fall have sold. So, I am making 4 more, and only 4. I swear, I've worked on them for at least 4 days now... Here they are before stuffing, and final stitching. Plus, they are still armless :o[

And, all finished up...

And, of course, the Friendlys. I have made stitched Friendlys, Tattooed Friendlys and overall Happy Friendlys. All too cute, if I do say so myself :o)

I ask myself, why the heck didn't I name my business "Studio Val: Crazy For Cutes"... humm.

Renegade LA... July 28 +29. Look on the left sidebar for the banner, and click for directions, etc. It is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!! I hope to see you there.

x, Val

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Every time I do a pet portrait, I have to brace myself, for I know I will fall in love. By the time the portrait is finished, my heart strings will have been tugged on, and hard. Even though we have never met, and, in most cases, I have never laid eyes on the pet, my connection runs deep. Such was the case with this sweet pet... Miss Caddie.

This pillow was ordered by a close friend of Caddie's owner. Meant as a gift, I didn't know much about Caddie, just that she is especially cute, AND photogenic. I fell in love with this adorable photo...

The woman who ordered the pillow said there was "no rush", and waited patiently as I attended to many other things life is currently throwing at me. Finally, as I knew she was coming back to Coronado for July 4th, I made an effort to finish Caddie's pillow. 

I told Gail (modeling fashionably with the Caddie pillow. Thanks Gail!) this is (again) my favorite dog pillow. sigh... Each one is my favorite once I finish...

When she picked up the pillow late yesterday afternoon, Caddie's "aunt" told us that Caddie had passed away that morning. Awwww, heck. No one is prepared for that news.... Sweet Caddie off to heaven on the day her pillow is delivered. Well, all I can say is that I am so glad she will have a beautiful and warm remembrance of her sweetest lovie, Caddie. And, to be a part of that makes me feel extremely blessed and grateful. 

Rest in peace, beautiful Caddie.

Caddie's mom, I feel your loss, and hope this gift from your sweet friend brings you a measure of relief from your grief.

x, Val

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vintage Geekery

Fabric fun + Vintage style + Geekery = A Very Winning Combination in my book!

I have an ongoing love affair with Melody Miller's fabric, and sadly, it's taken me some time to get in gear with fabrics I bought from last year's collection. Oh well, better late than never is my motto, along with the fact that I made myself promise to NOT buy any more fabric until I use what's in my stock... sheesh, girl.

These fabrics are on printed on beautiful Japanese linen, and the weight and quality are like nothing else. Melody's patterns inspire my quirky side, and I cannot help myself with delving into the inner vintage goddess that resides in my soul. I pair it us with some yummy upcycled wooly goodness, add the quirk with the needle felting, and things just feel so right! Can you see it?

These are pieces I would be proud to wear for myself, and hopefully I will get a chance to do so. I am making these and many more for my upcoming shows, the first one coming in a few short weeks... Renegade LA.  I am pulling out the stops on my creativity, and hoping to make a mark when I bring my work to LA. I hope it pans out. 

Perhaps you will come by and check things out if you are anywhere close to LA during the weekend of July 28+29. You are sure to see lots of original and exceptional work by all sorts of artists, and have a great deal of fun too!

x, Val