Saturday, July 7, 2012


Every time I do a pet portrait, I have to brace myself, for I know I will fall in love. By the time the portrait is finished, my heart strings will have been tugged on, and hard. Even though we have never met, and, in most cases, I have never laid eyes on the pet, my connection runs deep. Such was the case with this sweet pet... Miss Caddie.

This pillow was ordered by a close friend of Caddie's owner. Meant as a gift, I didn't know much about Caddie, just that she is especially cute, AND photogenic. I fell in love with this adorable photo...

The woman who ordered the pillow said there was "no rush", and waited patiently as I attended to many other things life is currently throwing at me. Finally, as I knew she was coming back to Coronado for July 4th, I made an effort to finish Caddie's pillow. 

I told Gail (modeling fashionably with the Caddie pillow. Thanks Gail!) this is (again) my favorite dog pillow. sigh... Each one is my favorite once I finish...

When she picked up the pillow late yesterday afternoon, Caddie's "aunt" told us that Caddie had passed away that morning. Awwww, heck. No one is prepared for that news.... Sweet Caddie off to heaven on the day her pillow is delivered. Well, all I can say is that I am so glad she will have a beautiful and warm remembrance of her sweetest lovie, Caddie. And, to be a part of that makes me feel extremely blessed and grateful. 

Rest in peace, beautiful Caddie.

Caddie's mom, I feel your loss, and hope this gift from your sweet friend brings you a measure of relief from your grief.

x, Val

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Sandy Michelle said...

Wow, it looks like Caddie is popping out of your pillow! So sorry to hear that he died though. My friends' bunny died the day the newspaper was going to photograph it for being the oldest Bunny ever.

I hope you are enjoying your summer!

Sandy xox