Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quirky Cute

Lately, I've been all about the Quirky, and all about the Cutes... well, my work is, as least! I go through phases of letting my artistic painterly side shine, to my crazy whimsy side, to my tailored-artistic side. Right now, it's Quirky-cute.

How about these girls dresses? Holy-moly, I literally am going crazy in my fabric stash department! I could put these fabric mixes together 'til the cows come home, I swear!

And, how about the back sides? As fun as the fronts! Check out those spotted zippers! Who thought of that? I love them!

Renegade LA is creeping closer... just 5 more days. I will save my story about the hawk and my sewing machine for another day (it's a doozy!) but will leave you with this picture of me and Kyle. At 14, he has just passed me in height! And he doesn't mind posing and being with his mom, even though she likes dressing like a 6 year old. LOL!

Have yourself a good week!
x, Val


Penny said...

Val, I absolutely love the dresses! OMG! I want one in my size. Lov ethe pic of you and your son. Did you do the skirt? Love it! I love quirky. If you saw my house you would believe it. Thanks for a peek. See you in Coronado...when is that? Penny :-)

Valerie said...

Hi Penny! Yes, I made the skirt too. I love it, and that quirky fabric mix, plus who can resist polka dots?! Tha Coronado Art Show is coming up mid Sept. I will be sure to post about it when it gets closer.
x, Val

Marfa said...

That pink and orange dress is my fav ♥ they're all so cute and the little guys, too. Your son is so tall!!! What is the building behind you? So pretty (wood paneling?) and modern.

Sandy Michelle said...

Those dresses are too cute Val!!

Sandy xox