Sunday, July 1, 2012

Vintage Geekery

Fabric fun + Vintage style + Geekery = A Very Winning Combination in my book!

I have an ongoing love affair with Melody Miller's fabric, and sadly, it's taken me some time to get in gear with fabrics I bought from last year's collection. Oh well, better late than never is my motto, along with the fact that I made myself promise to NOT buy any more fabric until I use what's in my stock... sheesh, girl.

These fabrics are on printed on beautiful Japanese linen, and the weight and quality are like nothing else. Melody's patterns inspire my quirky side, and I cannot help myself with delving into the inner vintage goddess that resides in my soul. I pair it us with some yummy upcycled wooly goodness, add the quirk with the needle felting, and things just feel so right! Can you see it?

These are pieces I would be proud to wear for myself, and hopefully I will get a chance to do so. I am making these and many more for my upcoming shows, the first one coming in a few short weeks... Renegade LA.  I am pulling out the stops on my creativity, and hoping to make a mark when I bring my work to LA. I hope it pans out. 

Perhaps you will come by and check things out if you are anywhere close to LA during the weekend of July 28+29. You are sure to see lots of original and exceptional work by all sorts of artists, and have a great deal of fun too!

x, Val

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joanpatricia said...

Hi Val,

I just read through several of your posts and I think I want to be you when I grow up... I am 46, but.... creatively, still growing up... I love your work, much of which seems to be really close to ideas floating in my head. I guess I just have to sit down and get them done (it's that ADD thing) Thanks for sharing!