Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I choose truth

Ugh, I had to make a very hard choice today. I am still reeling with the decision, and how I'm going to tell  about this decision I made? Actually, both of them. I think they will hate me for what I'm going to tell them...

I think that when we choose from a place of truth, the choice might be easy because our heart guides us to the truth. Whether we like it or not, our heart knows the right choice, and our gut confirms what our heart is telling us. The choice might be clear, and the path to take seems evident. But then... in living our truth... well, that seems to be where the going gets rough. 

So, now, I must explain the reason to them for my choice. And I cringe, and hope that they will understand, and not hate me. I have forged this path before, and the "hate me" part is where I get stuck. In the past, they have either, 1) not understood, and gotten mad at me  2) not liked it, 3) not liked ME for what I have to say, 4) just plain hated me, or 5) just ignored me from that moment on....  :o(

It doesn't bode well for me. No wonder we struggle with living our most honest, heartfelt Truth.

I just hope they can see my side of things, and respect me for my decision. In choosing Truth, at least I know the choice is right for me. In making this decision, my heart is lighter, and I know it is right. At least I have that to hold on to. 

Let's hope they don't take it too hard.

In Truth,

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505whimsygirl said...

Hi Val,

Oh, I feel for you. The only right choice is the one we make for ourselves. I've been battling with maybe going on short term disability. For a single person it's a scary proposition -- finances, health insurance, will I have a job to come back to (probably not in this economy).

Don't forget to Breathe.....