Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Messenger Magic

Image from Facebook via my dear friend, Sara
What does one do when a prayer is answered? Laugh, giggle, dance ...and sing? Yes, I think so. How about... If all your prayers - ALL of them...  are answered ... ALL at once?

I have been numb for two weeks now, just trying to soak it all in. I pinch myself, and can't believe it is so. I think it is okay to smile, and feel free, but still the oppression of the "Before" is sitting upon my shoulders. I don't want to ever forget "the Before," because I know the Before like the back of my hand now. I guess I'm going to need to keep that Before with me, right in my back pocket. That Before will keep me humble. Yes, very very humble.

You know this too, don't you? Maybe your prayers were answered last month or last year, or maybe everything you were working for came together many years ago, but today you can remember it like it was yesterday. The relief... the lightness it brings to your heart. The feeling that makes you cry hot tears of relief, and at the same time, run and twirl with joy....

Calling to my angels... how can ever I thank you? The trying, the hoping, the hurting, the not being sure how to do it, the messages, the messengers... The Messengers. Oh, how important to be open to the messengers!

How did it all come together ALL at once? Like a magic firestorm...

Still so numb in the looking back, and seeing the messengers at work, and how they pulled me towards the place I needed to be. I am ... floored....

Thank you. 

To the Universe... how can I ever thank you enough???

For now, I think I am going to take a very small, a very tiny b-r-e-a-k. Maybe just for a day. I think I will knit. Something I haven't done in quite a while. I will read a book too. I know just the one. I will walk in nature and marvel at the birds and the leaves on the trees. They are really, so, so SO healing to my heart. 

And, I will prepare for the future. It's going to be a different future for me, from this day forward. Very different. As for me, today, I am crying a lot, and I am more thankful than I have ever been in my life. Ever. In my life. 

Yes, God. I know you are there, and you know me, and somehow, my words here in this world, even this bloggie world, are being placed at your feet. And I am numb with relief, and so, so SO thankful....

Your forever gal, 


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