Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tribute to a Warrior

Randlett Towns "Tex" Lawrence

Yesterday, the man who has been the steadfast light in my family, my stepfather, Randlett Lawrence, who we called Tex, passed away quietly at 12:30 pm. My mom was at his side, as she has been during this last rocky journey in life, his demise into the world of Alzheimer's Disease. It is a blessing that he is released from the disease that destroyed his brain, but we were not ready for his departure from this life. 

I have only known a few good men in my life, and am proud to call Tex one of them. He lived his life with honesty, bravery, valiance and integrity. I met Tex in my mid 20s, introduced to him by my mom, who played bridge and tennis with Tex. I could see they shared fun times together. Tex was quite the "ladies man" and when I encouraged my mom to date him, she didn't think she had what it took to compete with all his other "dates." It took quite a while, 17 years to be exact, but it was a highlight in my life to stand up at my mom and Tex's wedding on 5-5-05.

Tex has been a model Grandfather to my two boys, and I am so happy they have had the length of their lives to get to know this fine man. He has helped our family more than humanely possible. I don't know where we'd be today without Tex's guidance. Even in sickness, he would stand tall as he could, his Marine Colonel background always his ruler and guide. Tex was a career Marine, and has been the subject of many books, he was a true leader, and many men have stood up in praise of his actions during several wars, and in his military career.

I am happy my mom married and has had the past 24 years of her life with such a good man. I am happy for the many lessons I have learned from this patient and caring man. Moving forward, I can see I will be forever affected by dear sweet Tex, and the model of the person he ultimately proved himself to be. He always called me "Valiant Valerie." How was I to know then that I was mirroring the valiance he displayed to me from the moment I met him?

You will be forever missed, Valiant Tex. I will love you forever. 

These photos were taken just two weeks ago during a family visit to where Tex was living, The Sun and Sea Manor. This was the last good day for Tex before he died. 
RIP Tex. Until we meet again...

x, Val

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