Thursday, November 29, 2012

dang. cute. holiday!

Please, Rain, do not rain on me this Saturday! It's hard to do a dang cute show in the rain... Saturday is Artisans' Alley, which is a super fun outdoor holiday craft show... See, Rain, it's outdoors, and it just won't be a good day for you, Rain. (I'm sorry) It would be really great if you could just take your rainy business away from Coronado for the day. Yep, just go somewhere else to play for the day, and you can come back anytime after 4 pm on Saturday. Ok?  Then we'll be good, Rain, and I promise we can play together very soon!

Rain or no rain, I invite you to come on over to Coronado this Saturday from 9-3 for Artisans' Alley. Maybe, bring your umbrella... just in case Rain decides to show up. (He and I have been talking, you know, and I'm working on him, hard!) And, I have been working like a non-stop fiend to get as ready as I can be. Lots of new... dang. cute. product. ... which would make fantastic holiday gifts!

See you on Saturday :o)
x, Val


Terrie said...

Wish you good sale, good exposure without RAIN.

Martha said...

I wish you all the in Ohio, I'm prepping for a craft sale on Saturday, making lots of cards (cats, turtles, snails and bunnies on bicycles) to sell! ♥