Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Willing ... and so Thankful

We ask a lot of ourselves on a daily basis, don't we? We start by getting ourselves out of bed, and into the day, and it just goes on from there, doesn't it?! Heck, yep, it's all downhill from there!

As I watch the transformation of my very brave son(s) right before my eyes, but particularly Drew, who is away from us right now, ... I am awed by both of their spirits, and willingness to change, to accept our love and help, and to understand the whys and the hows and the reasons behind our will that put Drew into treatment, and living away from us during the time he gets the help he needs. I am knocked to my knees with love and respect, and wowed by the path God has sent us on. I still find myself challenged by my will to remain hopeful, which I do, yes I do. I will myself to trust anew. I can now embrace and better understand our fierce love for him, and our willingness to go to the ends of the earth to help and support the very fine young man we have always know him to be. To help our younger son, Kyle, gain the understanding to best help his brother on the path towards recovery. And we are getting there, God willing, Drew is doing so well, so fine, and he is getting to where he needs to be .... one day at a time.

We are getting ready to move Drew to a "step down program" next week, and we are all so excited by this development. Drew is a little nervous, because he will have more freedoms, but he is ready for this now. The medicine he is taking for his brain trauma allows him to plan ahead, and think before he acts, something he wasn't able to do before. This next placement is the step before he comes home, which will still take some time. To date, he has been in treatment for nine long months (!), but in the past 4 months since he's been at Meridell Achievement Center, he's grown by leaps and bounds. We are beyond thankful.

So, as we move towards the day of Thanksgiving, I cannot be more thankful that we have our son back, and he is more beautiful than ever before. His brain is functioning so that he is whole now. We are beyond grateful as a family that we are "whole in spirit" once again. It feels beyond fantastic.

I wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving, and hopeful that you too may take time to reflect on what is important and good in life. To be willing to hope and dream, plan and enjoy the fruits of your dreams.... God is willing if you are.

x, Val

PS. Still heavily involved in my busy SHOW SEASON with two shows this weekend... Local Color on Saturday, and Talmadge on Sunday... Please see the links on the left sidebar for more information, and directions to both these events. I hope to see you there!!!!

PPS. New works are being created like mad, and I promise to post photos very soon

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