Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Tidbits

Today is 12-12-12, and don't we like the simplicity of dates like these?! Ok, I'm not implying we are simple minded or anything (Lol!), just that our busy days enjoy the simplicity of an easy date like this to remember. It's just effortless, right?! My brother was married on 10-20-90, and my mom on 5-5-05. I can always remember their anniversaries!

I thought I would take a moment out of this noted day to post 12 things I am thankful for. Just a moment in the middle of the hectic for.... 

12 Little Thankful Tidbits....

  1. That the birdies in my garden that I love so much love me too, and come to visit me each day for food, sustenance, and care. In turn, they care for me too, for their beauty and sassiness carry me happily through my day.
  2. That my creative being seems to chug along through times of happy and hard, good and bad, and rough and smooth.
  3. For those that are getting snow in their parts of the country, and post photos on Facebook, so I get a chance to peek in on their stark loveliness. Thank you!
  4. For friends who care deeply for me, and I for them, as we help each other manage our life's ups and downs, and carry each other on days when our own burden is too great to bear.
  5. For the way God provides for me when I don't know which way to turn, and He helps me to navigate the journey ahead.
  6. For those people I don't know well, but trudge ahead blindly as they show me a way to find forgiveness from those by whom I feel wronged.
  7. For the opportunity to share my love of craft with others.
  8. For being able to live in a beautiful part of the world, where the sun shines down on me and warms my spirit.
  9. To share time with my 26 year old cockatiel - my old man birdie - who has many quiet days now, and every so often a day when he's like his old self, whistling and chattering... he is just so sweet and I love him so much!
  10. For family who may not always see eye to eye with my bossy self, but who support me wholeheartedly. I love them dearly!
  11. For tears that fall freely, even when I don't want them to (!), letting me know I am in touch with my heart... so, so good to be in touch with my heart!
  12. And, the most important: I am SO thankful for the rerouting that has happened in my immediate family over the past year. When I look back to where we were one year ago, I see a world filled with despair and pain, and unsure of what to do, or how to manage. Today, we are a renewed family, with two boys who are living life in a whole new, healthy way. We have learned so much over the past year, and have grown greatly!
Oh, and even though I have already listed 12 things, I certainly cannot leave out my sweet Lola-girl! She stands by my side through thick and thin, comforts me when I am down, and knows when I need a break so we can do a run and romp in the yard. I love my Missy Lola!

I hope you will find a moment to be thankful today, and during this season of wonder...

Love to you today, and always!
x, Val

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