Saturday, December 8, 2012

Just Added: Wooly Ornament Class!

Whew, we are in the thick of things now that the first week of December has spun by! I don't know about you, but I can hardly keep track of what date it actually is... I think I am constantly about 1 week behind! What? it's Dec 8th already? I thought it was the 1st!!!

So, in an effort to do more during the busy holiday season, not less by any means (Lol!) I have added a fun new class for next weekend, Dec 15... a Wooly Ornaments Class. Using scraps from my felted woolies pile, we will cut and paste wool, and stitch them up into the sweetest handmade ornaments you've ever seen! 

Suitable for hanging on the tree, or fashioning into a darling garland, or even adorning a package for a special someone, these sweet ornaments will delight the recipient (even if it's you!) Bring your daughter, or a friend, and spend a few hours in the company of like minded crafting souls, as we stitch and laugh our cares away.... so much fun!

 Call over to Paper Tales to sign up.. 619-222-2510. 
See you next weekend!

x, Val

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Martha said...

Awesome ornaments...I especially ♥ that owl in magenta.