Sunday, January 6, 2013

Taking a Cuppa

After the busy holidays, I just need time to veg... and regroup... sit and ponder a bit over a cuppa tea... It does me so much good!

Plus, I have been spending quite some time over in the Arena, as Moms of Teens are bound to do. I have learned that Time in the Arena requires my full and undivided attention, and though I sometimes begrudge my time there, it is always time well spent. I always get a lot done when I apply my energies, especially after a cuppa tea... and that is certainly a good thing!

As we venture into the second week of 2013, I am very excited to have signed up for Flora Bowley's ecourse called Bloom True (more info here). I have wanted to take this course ever since I first learned of it. Happy to leave the struggles of 2012 behind, I find I am looking to reenergize my art and creativity. Never one happy to sit and keep creating the same ol' thing, I look towards finding a new lease on my creativity, and am thrilled to do it through my painting. I can't wait to see what will emerge, and feel the time is right to open this door and forge forward with a surge of expectations. Can't wait + so excited!

Happy Sunday to you and yours :o)
x, Val

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