Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Butter and Eggs Parade and a Birthday Today!

We are wishing a very Big Happy Birthday to my sweet son, Drew, who is 17 years old today!!! He is still up in beautiful Petaluma, where we will travel this weekend to see him and celebrate this momentous day, his 17th anniversary. Wow... 

In 2 weeks, my son Kyle will turn 15... he was my Mother's Day gift the year he was born, and has been each year since. I love the men in my life, but these three are the most special, and make my heart so happy. We are all doing so amazingly well. God is so good to us. (For a recent update on Drew, please click here, and Kyle, here)

"Begin" by me, Valerie Hebert. Also called "Cheeky Chickens in a White Fenced Farm" :o)

And, in an extra exciting celebration, this weekend is the Butter and Egg Days and Parade and Festival in Petaluma, CA! All the men in my family are actually O.K. with going to this parade! I understand there will be lots and lots of chickens, lamas, cows, sheep. It is right up my alley! I promise LOTS of pictures!

Happiness to you and yours...
x, Val

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Martha said...

It's really wonderful to see how much you love your family...and God bless you in all your struggles, life isn't always easy. I hope you have a wonderful time and the Butter & Egg parade...sounds pretty neat!!!