Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My love affair with Historic Homes

"Let History Matter"2010, Mixed media and oil on collage base by Valerie Hebert
I am so in love with old homes. I love their character, the stories they hold within their quiet walls, and the beauty they bring to a neighborhood, especially when they are dearly loved and cared for.

"History Speaks" 2010, mixed media and oil on collage base by Valerie Hebert. 
For the past many years, I have been invited to "Plein Air Paint" at our town's Historic Home Tour, which always takes place on Mother's Day. It is a wildly popular event, and a wonderful way to spend the day with your mom. 

"Hughes Home" 2011, mixed media and oil on collage base by Valerie Hebert

My paintings are well received, and many Coronado historic home owners now have my original paintings - of their homes! - hanging inside their beautiful homes. People will often commission me to paint their homes when they see my work during the tour. This touches my heart deeply. 

"Past Perfect", 2012, mixed media and oil on collage base by Valerie Hebert. This is my home! 
Last year, my beloved Coronado home (in the painting above) was on the tour. Of course, this painting is very special to me. It is near and dear to my heart, and I will treasure this painting always. We thought last year we would need to sell our home, but we didn't have to after all. What a gift this is, to know we will once again be able to return to our beloved home, and reside there, a place where my heart finds peace and care. (thank you, God)

If you would like to know more about the Historic Home Tour in Coronado, please visit this link. Look for me outside one of the homes. I will be the one in the garden with the easel and the paint, and doing what makes my heart so happy... painting those beloved historic homes :o)

x, Val