Saturday, June 29, 2013

Me: One Busy Buzzing Bee!

Detail, "Found My Root" by Val Hebert, acrylic and collage on board
Oh my holy heck, we are finishing up week 4 of MATS 1, (aka Make Art That Sells), taught by the amazingly creative artsy icon, Lilla Rogers. To us, she is known as the "fairy artmother"! What a whirlwind ride it's been!

This week's assignment was Wall Art, which was as varied and creative as any class assignment I've received. The best part for me in all of this is feeling like I'm back in art school. Of course, it's pure stress when you are in school, and this is not too different. The assignments are well designed and thought out, the perfect amount of challenging, and enough to get your pulse racing! It also doesn't help that the classroom is filled with 500 incredibly talented artists. Let me tell you, it is daunting to post the assignments in the classroom every Sunday at 2pm (my time).

This week's submission is an abstract collage. Of course, mine includes birds. I've learned birds are a valuable icon I use in my work. Honestly, I can paint, needle felt, stitch, collage, ... whatever... a bird every day, and remain completely happy.

"Found My Root" Val Hebert, 24 x 24" collage and acrylic on board
Ok, now that this week's assignment is finished *ahead of schedule* I might add , I will be off to spend some time with my family... and rest up for next week's class. Week 5 is the Gift market, another one right up my alley!!!!

x, Val

PS. Please feel free to click here to visit my Flickr page and see some of my most favorite projects that are coming out of this class. Week 1 was Bolt Fabric, week 2, Plate design, week 3, Children's Book design, and 4, Wall Art. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Art bird hoops

Do you ever get like this? S-t-u-c-k on something like it's nobody's business?

"Green Bee Eater" by Val's Art Studio, 5"

I have been stuck on art birds for two weeks now. And I seem to get stuck on art birds about ....oh, once a month. 

"Rufous Hummingbird" by Val's Art Studio, 4"
Here are my birdie creations from the past two days. I will be flying them over to Austin's Gallery tomorrow morning. They will take the place from my last several Art Birds hoops, which all flew out the door (aka: bought up) over the weekend!

"Blue Bellied Roller" by Val's Art Studio, 8"

They are simply adorable perched on a shelf, or hung on the wall in just the right spot. I find them irresistible. But, that's just me :o)

Some shelf action in my studio :o)

I will be taking a break from the birds ... erm, rather, forcing myself to get back to the orders piling up around me... and, will be spending time in the classroom. I'm busy taking Lilla Rogers online class called "Make Art That Sells" It's very exciting (find out more by clicking here). 

See you soon!
x, Val