Sunday, July 7, 2013

Studio move!

Lola and I have LOVED our studio at the Point Loma house, but it's now time to move on. We are now moving to ... "da da da DAAA":

REAL, Official OFFICE Space!

It's going to be a very big change, but we are ready! Maybe you are asking why, and I will tell you...
  1. Our restoration work at the Pt Loma house is complete. Last week, it went on the market, and it went into escrow that very same day! Wow. I'm telling you, this house has undergone a magical transformation. The couple that buys the house is going to LOVE living here!
  2. I have outgrown my small 150 square foot space, and am going to be moving into a larger 256 sq.ft. space! That's nearly double the size I'm in now!!!
  3. Greg and I have found the perfect historic office cottage perched at the top of a canyon, located behind a design studio. We will be working alongside a whole design community of artists, interior designers, architects, and more. It couldn't be more perfect! 
  4. We are putting our good juju out there, and plan that Greg's business will grow into the whole cottage space. Then, there is another separate cottage I can move into.
  5. We will be moving the end of the month, Hooray!
Our new office space is located in Banker's Hill area of San Diego.

For some reason, there has been a great deal of confusion about where Greg and I actually live, so I want to clear that question up too. (Really, I had no idea that so many people read my blog, and pay attention to our goings on... I am truly floored, feel a tiny bit stalked, but mostly, I am flattered!) We have been living in Coronado since Spring of 2011, but just not in our home. With our son needing specialized help for his traumatic brain damage, we had to put our financial resources into his care and rehabilitation, which meant we needed to rent out our house, and move into my mom's back house. We have had periods of hanging out at the Pt Loma house, but always knew that house would be sold, and was simply a place to store our belongings, and use for office location during the house's restoration. 

It hasn't been easy to move into my mom's house, and rely on her so much, but we just had to do what we had to do. Difficult times call for creative measures...

Now that the Pt Loma house will not be able to store our goods, we will have to put our belongings into storage until we can get back into the Coronado house. Hopefully, soon, but as we are just taking things one day at a time, not buying into the trap of "future worrying" and reassessing what is important to our family, we are staying true to the moment at hand. We are getting ready to bring our son back home, after 18 months away, and life will be taking another bend in the road ... once again. 

Praying for strength as we continue our journey... and sending creative goodness out into the universe....

x, Val


Penny said...

Hooray for you Val! All great successes to you and your son. You are blessed.

Tamerie Shriver said...

So happy to hear that you found a good office space.