Thursday, September 5, 2013

Completion of the stop motion video!!!

When one is in the middle of making a 5 minute stop motion video, one must get used to the hijacked nature of their computer. That is, after an additional 3000+ photos and 30+ videos invade the computer's normally calm conditions. Yep, one view of that stupid spinning ball, and the curses starts flying! Or, get used to finding batches of crazy photos taking over the iPhoto library. Do not, do NOT think that once they photos are in iMovie you can trash them. Oh no... they must stay put until the video is in final cut version! Here's a small sample of what I found today in my iPhoto library, before I began moving everything - all 3000/30 of them - they are on their way to the beloved external hard drive!

And then there are the endless shots of a single item in many different settings, situations, and experimental backgrounds. There are lighting dilemmas to review, shadow problems, and things that just don't "look right". Two critical artists with a bit of OCD will rework things until the cows come home...

Or, until the bunnies finally fall asleep :o)

Today, the video is done! As I write this, it is in the process up being uploaded to YouTube, and I hope to be able to share it with you later today! (Pssssst, you can see the video here. Enjoy!)

Now, I will get back to freeing up my computer's compacted memory. Hopefully that spinning ball goes away for good!!

x, Val

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