Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cutes alive and well

Yep, thank goodness! The cutes are alive and well, and continue to run rampant through my studio! 

Snow Friend with Leg Warmers by Val's Art Studio

Hunny Bunny in a Wee Box by Val's Art Studio
Hunny Bunny in a Wee Box will be an upcoming class. Don't worry if you are on my class list and haven't heard from me lately. I am just in the class creating mode still, and will rope down those dates! As soon as they are set, I will send out a newsletter. Please hold tight!

Now as far as my work space goes, you can see here that I am focused on a few other more mundane tasks than creating the Cutes. Have no fear, every so often, I  * m u s t  s t o p * and get back to creating the Cutes. These sweet objects help my imaginative life to flourish when my mundane life takes center stage. Don't you know how true that is!

x, Val

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