Monday, July 21, 2014

I Scream...

Are you? ... Screaming?! (hehe) So far, the few people who have seen my newest plush pillows have screamed in delight. They are just too cute... 

This is my entry for the July gallery for MATS Bootcamp. The assignment was to showcase your favorite beverage with something you would give to a friend. So, I tried to make ice cream frappes, but they kept coming out like cones. Oh well, add a straw, and a dose of sunshine, and any ice cream will become drinkable, right?!

Anyhow, ice cream plush + getting ready for my late summer shows = I think ice cream plush will be a hit :o)

Happy summer!
xx, Val

PS. You can view the July Bootcamp Gallery by clicking here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Late summer shows + events

Normally, my fall show season doesn't officially begin until the Coronado Art Walk, which takes place mid September. Honestly, people are not in the wool buying mood any sooner, if even then. Two years ago at the Coronado Art Walk, the temps were over 100 degrees. That was hecka hot, as my teen son would say... So, I generally prefer to wait until the fall season, and the cooler weather really hits before hauling out all the wooly goodness, and trying to find people willing to even talk about staying warm.

So... for August, I started out by scheduling to teach two needle felting classes during the month. That makes sense, doable, etc. There's the Fantastic Mr. Fox class, and the Mom/Daughter Pendant class (moms can take solo too, no problem!). Find out more about these two classes by clicking here.


Then, I was invited to the new Talmadge Art Show venue, The Headquarters First Thursday  which will take place at the newly renovated Headquarters building across from Seaport Village, on Thursday, August 7 from 4-9pm. Couldn't say no to this fantastic opportunity...

The US Sand Sculpting Challenge show is the next thing... it's kind of a too-big thing. I have said no to this show for the past 3 years. Why? It's a FOUR DAY SHOW! Honestly, I am about dead after a 2 day show. FOUR days??? No way! But, then I put on my "consideration cap" and decided the way to do this show would be to put a small contingency of artists together, so that's what I did. :o) We are a small handmade marketplace inside one 10' x 10' booth! I am planning to do a post specifically on this, so please stay tuned! BTW, this show is scheduled from August 29 - Sept 1, Labor Day. The location is Broadway Pier, in downtown San Diego. The website for more info is here.

Then, just the other day, TWO more requests to attend handmade art shows. Holy heck. One I said yes to, because it's in Coronado, and they promised me it will not be a "shlock" show (my words... nice. I know.) The other show, I just can't fit it in... 

I should be proud to be so popular. I know, and I am very proud. Overwhelmed too... and, I have decided I need to advertise for a new assistant. If you live in the San Diego area, love to craft, and want a part time job, message me, won't you please???

It's all good over here, just very busy.