Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Cuteness Continues

So, life gives lemons and one makes lemonade, right? Well, life gives me wool, so I make this? Hehe, yes!

What about when life gives a big, fat load of rubbish? Things like mental illness, addiction, and hopelessness in your child? And headbutting your insurance company, including their denials for care? It's not pretty, but it is pretty dang necessary that I buck up and get busy dealing with it. I am not kidding when I say my mind solves the big problems when my hands stay busy. Seems like the bigger the problem, the "cuter" the outcome of my handwork.

Just call me "Manager of Stress" over here... and, if I seem a bit absent, you can always find me over in The Arena.


PS. Yes, Mr. Too-Cute Lamb will be an upcoming needle felting class. I am gearing up to start scheduling 2015 events, which you can always find out more by checking the Events page on my website. 

Take care!

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