Friday, May 15, 2015

You know I teach classes, right?

(Man, new things are tough for us, aren't they? I wish we could push a button and we just ... well, we've got it all down...)

I'm getting ready to launch my Online Class, Hello Felt next month. Early sign ups will be open on June 1! (find out more here) Man, this is exciting, but like anything new, I am plain scared to death I'm not going to do it right! (Surely, my fears are baseless because my perfectionism Virgo gene has never let me down. And I know it won't this time either!) 

In an effort to get YOU excited about the class, (and entice you to sign up!) I am going to be writing about needle felting tips, tidbits and tricks right here in this space over the next several weeks. I hope you enjoy it, and if there's something you wish I would cover, please leave me a comment, and I will try to answer it in an upcoming post!

My Needle Felting Q and A for today... 

Q. How do I not break my needle felting needle(s)???

A. These needles are so thin and fine, aren't they? And the DO break really easily. But the good news is that if you learn how to use them properly, and hold them at the right angle when you are working, they will not break. I have needles that have lasted a reeeaallly long time - like a year - and I use my needle nearly every day.

Here is the trick: 
Hold your needles so you are working with them in a straight up and down motion. 
Do not use them like you are writing with a pencil, ie. at an angle. Putting pressure on them in 2 directions - downward and at a slant - will make them snap in half. Hold them straight, and visualize them pushing the roving straight down into the backing wool fabric. You want the roving to go straight into the wool, and bind together strongly. Needle felting the roving in at an angle is not a very secure method, plus, you will need to stop working so you can run to the store and buy more needles...

More tips and tricks on the way to you soon....


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