Monday, June 1, 2015


Watercolor by Val Hebert,

There's a big story behind this sentiment, but I am fairly certain if I told you, you would freak out. Because, basically, I have freaked out pretty much every day for the past two weeks.... plus three years. But, I am hoping that the overall freak out is going to maybe (please) just maybe settle down. 

My big fat dream is coming true... and we are finally moving back into our beloved house. This doesn't come lightly. When we move next Monday, it will mean 3 moves within a 6 week timeframe. These aren't little moves, these are whole house moves. Costing like around $1000/move. Not to be taken lightly, we have been moving not because we want to, but more because we have had to. Yes, I've been praying this prayer for quite some time now... the moving back to our house prayer. It is super crazy the way my prayer has been answered, the way it's finally come about. 

Oh well, it's only money, and it's life... It is life, and I'm just glad to be living it. Especially if I get to live a bit more of it in my house :o)

There's lots of courage going on around here. When things get rough and tough, you can fold up and die, or you can stop, look the mountain in the eye, and summon up all your courage, and dang it, press on! I'm getting really good at the having courage thing. If you ever visit me over in the Arena, you'll know that about me by now. 

But this Kindness thing... that adds an interesting twist. Being courageous has been a way of surviving for me. It's looking at my fear eye-to-eye, and acting anyway. It's not pretty, in fact it can be downright ugly. It is often frightening. Most of the time, it is generally a case of survival for me. I don't like it and I don't like the way I do it. So I need a new way.

I have decided I'm going to do courage with kindness. Sitting side by side on two chairs right next to me. Courage + Me + Kindness. We three. Me in the middle. And, I think it is going to go better. Smoother, and with a little less crazy. At least that's my intention.

Moving day is next Monday. I can't wait. 

See you,

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