Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fixing moth holes with needle felting!

Well, hello!

Falling into the category of Needle Felting Tips and Tricks, today I offer you a snippet from my Flat Needle Felting e-course (find out more by clicking here and here) by way of a video! How fun, right?! I love diy videos, and I hope you like this one too!

The video is straight out of my FLAT Needle felting e-course, so no instruction is given on this video about needle felting tools, or how to needle felt. This video is added at the very end of the course as Bonus content, and the people taking the course have had a TON of needle felting instruction by the time they get to this video, so I don't need to tell them anything about how to needle felt*. 

Also, people have watched my hair grow longer and longer through the filming of the course, so that is why I mention my new hair cut! ;o)

*If you are curious about needle felting, you can certainly learn just the basics by checking out the class listing here. All the e-courses and patterns I currently offer are here.

Now go fix those moth holes! Winter is on it's way :o)



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