Monday, October 19, 2015

The one BIG Handmade Day is December 5th this year!

I really do think Fall has arrived! Our weather has (finally) cooled off, we've actually had some rainy days (thank you, El Nino) and today, I wore a SWEATER when I left the house! Can you believe it?! I am one who loves warm weather, but I do NOT love weeks worth of humidity (ugh), hordes of summer vacationers making my quaint home town look like main street Disney South, or mosquitos. I definitely hate HATE mosquitos.

So, if you receive my email newsletter (you can sign up for it here- scroll down to see the sign up box) or you can just click on that box to the right --->, you will know that many of the holiday shows I normally attend moved their show dates, and now they ALL are holding their events on December 5th this year. So, that is pretty challenging. First of all, vendors will have a tough time being in more than one place at a time, and the same can be said for shoppers! Really people? Show organizers all vying for the same date? I think we need to change Shop Small Saturday to December 5th this year. It's just cray....

Two of the wonderful shows I normally do are Queen Bee Market and Artisans' Alley in Coronado. Plus, the Talmadge Art Show which takes place the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Well, this year, I am not doing any of those wonderful shows *sniff* BUT, (and it's a good but) I am doing Maker's Arcade AND Unique LA

And, double guess what??? They are BOTH ON THE SAME DAY! Oh, holy heck. How can a person be in two places at one time, let alone 4 or 5? The Handmade Marketplace scene sure is challenging for me this holiday season.

Well, and I have said this before, it's good to have people who have your back. ANd, boy, am I glad I do. I will be at Unique LA with all my Unique woolie goodness, and my faithful assistant, Miss Toshi Awesomeness will be representing me at the Maker's Arcade Market. Whew! I'm glad we could at least make this work out!

So, be sure to mark your calendar, and clear the decks for one big Handmade Day in December- Dec 5, AND be sure to save your pennies and get plenty of rest leading up to that big day! And, don't say I didn't warn you....


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