Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine Santas?

Silly... I know. Spring Santas? Valentine Santas? You might be asking 'What ... are these and (um) why?'

Well, you may or may not know that I sometimes enjoy making dolls. They started as a way for me to use up some scraps from my scrap bin. I just like making the occasional one or another. But by now, they have taken on a little life of their own. 

Right before Christmas, I experimented with making a couple of Santa dolls. They were well received... They all sold right away. Nice!

Here are the first three. Actually in order of making them, left to right. Each one got much better as I went along, don't you agree? 

The faces are super cute :o)

Well, as things tend to happen, one thing leads to another. Today, they are rather Scandinavian looking, and well, those hearts? Valentines Santas, for sure! I guess it will be A Santa for every Season. Or something like that!

Happy Santa!

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