Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Technology frustrations

This sweet hunny bunny has no blips or malfunction, she is simply here to perk us up and make us smile!

Today, I woke up with chills, soreness behind my eyes, and a scratchy throat, so I just stayed in bed. I'm drinking lots of tea and staying warm. I hope I get better by tomorrow night because my teen and I are flying to AZ bright and early on Thursday morning for our first college visit at ASU. I admit, I am pretty excited about this and I don't want to be sick.

So I thought I'd spend some time today while in bed exploring my brand new iPhone 6S+. It's that giant phone that used to look so huge, but now it just looks normal. I've always had iPhones, so I've come to expect perfection straight out of the box. But I've just discovered this phone has a glitch. Whenever I'm looking at my mail and want to click on a link, the mail page freezes. Ugh, I hate it when these things happen. Now I have to GO BACK to the store and deal with it. Does it drive you crazy too??? 

This got me thinking about expectations. Do we expect a lot? Well, sure we do, especially when that item we bought cost us a pretty penny. Now I know that the Apple Store will fix the glitch with my phone right away, but the inconvenience of having to take it back is annoying. I know when I buy a product from Apple, they will stand behind my purchase and make it right. That's one of the reasons I keep buying Apple products. It's a business model I like, and one I've tried to use in my own business practices. 

Like the sweet bear doll I sold with "child safety eyes". How horrified was I when the customer contacted me to let me know an eye had come out???? Yikes! How did this happen? I told her to please mail it to me so I could fix it. Once the bear was back in my nimble fingers, I discovered the problem to be too fine fabric, and the eye made its way out. So I took that sweet pink bear and turned her missing eye into a winking eye with a pirate patch in pinks and green to match the colors of the bear. Then I made her another matching bear with reinforced fabric, ensuring the eyes would not fall out. I mailed off both bears with a refund for her original shipping charge, and hoped she'd be satisfied. A few days later, I received this from her:

"Val, I'm sooooo happy! Honestly you went above and beyond, thank you so much! I appreciate our pirate, she is adorable and of course Buddy Bear is welcomed into our family with love!"

Happy customers are customers who will come back. I know I will receive similar treatment from Apple. So I will return my phone with cheer in my heart. All is good when customers are happy! 😊



Linda said...

I love the sweet hunny bunny, and it did indeed make me smile. You have a lovely blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

Valerie said...

Thanks ever so much for your kind words, Linda, and Welcome!