Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cute overload

Have you had your daily dose of Cute yet today? Well, get ready... 'cause, here it comes...

I'm here to tell you it does happen! 
Cute overload... 
Symptoms include:
  • cheeks that hurt too much from smiling 
  • people looking at you strangely due to you sitting alone and laughing out loud 
  • happy squeals escaping involuntarily at inappropriate times 
  • new crease lines around the eyes from excess smiling 
  • waking up to realize you've had happy dreams 
  • an overall rosy outlook on life :o)

Let's just agree that there are many worse things in life, right?

Happy cutes!

PS. This cutie pie Bumble Bee in a Happy Donut car will be an upcoming class. Details coming soon over on my Classes webpage