Friday, June 26, 2009

Kids Craft Along At Val's Art Studio

Jarret's "OctoSteve" A Big Success
It's summer vacation and that means lots of boys at my house on certain days. Sometimes the boys want to know just WHAT am I doing with the sewing machine, all the scraps of fabric, bits and fluff of roving and yarn about. The high intensity Ott Lights everywhere... what's it all about??? (It's about me being able to SEE what I'm doing with these old eyes!!) Well, Jarret, who's a friend of my 11 year old, Kyle, is quite handy and crafty himself, and was excited to get into the action. Hmmm.... how can I satisfy his curiosity, while still working and keeping my sanity, I wondered to myself.

Remembering a post a while back from Little Birdie Secrets, reminded me that there's a great child's project that can be suitable for nearly any age of child. Why, even adults can get into this. It involves making a drawing of a monster or a creep, or a fairy, whatever! And then cutting it up from felt, and sewing it into a stuffy toy. Well, Jarret drew up his OctoSteve in about 4 minutes. Coloring took another 8. (11 year olds get things done in no time flat!) With my sewing know how, we cut out the felt shapes and I sewed while Jarret stuffed. We finished OctoSteve in about 40 minutes! Jarret learned to sew on buttons, watched me work the sewing machine, and left with the know-how of making a stuffed creature from start to finish. THAT was about the best hour I've spent in a long long time!! Try one with your bored summer vacationer. Believe me, you'll both have a great crafty time!


TUTU Monkey said...

so cool!! Love to see the fella's showing off theat they are crafty too!!

Tamerie Shriver said...

How cool! I love it! And he did such a good job. No doubt he had a VERY good teacher helping him along!

Savvy said...

Love it! it was great to see Jarrett on the blog...he's one of the sweetest boys...we miss coronado!

Valerie said...

Hi Savvy,

I don't know who you are! I'm sad that ypu miss Coronado, and I'm sure Coronado misses you. You must be military. Perhaps you'll move back soon.

By the way, Jarret's over every day for this week and next because he and Kyle are in sailing camp together. He's been quizzing me on where he could pick up a sewing machine. Wait til Cathy and Allen hear about this!!

Savvy said...

Hi's Marsha Mifsud.
Just started a new website for photographers...
We really miss Coronado more than I thought we would!!
Your site looks great!!