Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Memorable Garden Market

Such a special place for a very special day
Thanks to you all who ventured out to Jane Pollock's incredible Coronado Beach House to visit Marche dans la Jarden last Sunday. It was a venue that I was very excited about, and I was thrilled to be amongst the company of so many beautiful and talented women. The energy that day was pretty amazing. I could feel it all around me in the hearts and souls 
of so many amazing people. All the women Jane has brought 
into her fold to help work the magic for her cause... they are some very special people. I met so many new faces, and wish I was more organized to mention all of you here. Sadly, it's not so. But I'd like to take a moment to give kudus to some who touched my heart...

Allyson Raskin tickled me and told me of her story about being a Survivor. I fell in love with Allyson, and felt we needed many more hours together to get to know each other. Sweetness abounds in her life.

The ladies from Domestic Bliss were a little chilly, having arrived from Mesa, Az, but they sure knew how to set up one charming booth. I loved their style, and had to partake with a cutie top made from old pillow slips. 

Linda from La Maison Rustique had the prettiest display with her vintage furnishings. I think I wanted everything in her "shop" and was dismayed to learn that several choice pieces had already sold before the event really got underway. Vignettes Home Couture, The Vintage Rabbit, Tamerie of A Little of This, That and The Other, (my booth mate- we rocked, Tamerie!), and many other amazing shops... everything was very eclectic and special. I must also mention Dana from Tutu Monkey- don't you just LOVE her shop name?! Makes me want to ditch my totally uncreative shop name and go with something like... 
sheesh! I can't ever come up with anything that goes with Val! 

Lastly, another very special woman and her sister that inspired me so much, makes my head spin. Julie Haymaker Thompson, and her sweet sister Lorrie. Julie did the most amazing pieces of constructivism artwork, kind of 3-D whimsical collages. My golly, those art pieces were something. I coveted, coveted, coveted each and every one of them!

I wish I could name everyone... I can't forget about YOU, who made time in your busy lives to come, see and experience. Thank YOU for helping to make this event happen, and happen in a most *very special* way. :o)


Tamerie Shriver said...

Thanks for being such a good booth partner! It was an amazing show. And as always, your sweaters were a huge hit with everyone. See you soon. Maybe at Dana's for margaritas!

sandra Lee said...

It was so great to see you again Val and your things are just too darn cute!!! Hopefully I can take one of your classes this summer! or join you for a margarita!!!

The Crazy Suburban Mom said...

beautiful things!