Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Happy Camper

Okay, the nightmares I had last night about Kyle at camp and under the water have thankfully been resolved by today's pictures from Camp Surf. All is well, and surfing was one of the orders of the day for Kyle and his fellow campers.

This resident YMCA camp is every kids summer dream come true. Check out Camp Surf, and you will see why. Visit Camp Surf, and you will wonder if you can come and stay for a week! The sleeping huts are straight from my childhood dreams, and look like they belong on a white sandy beach in the heart of Mexico. The activities are so full and varied, a kid never has time for homesickness. Time with friends and learning new skills; priceless. Camp food; tastes yummy to a hungry camper. Even a campwide theme dance come Thursday night... something every 11 year old should experience... dancing with the high school girls; exhilarating! Have fun, fun, FUN at camp Kyle. I'll get my lovie boy back at the end of the week!


julie Haymaker thompson said...

Hi Val we meet at "sirens" Looks like Kyle is happy and well and having the time of his life. Ca offers so much for kids I was at another friends blog and her little girl just got back form the Fairy festival My niece and nephew would love all this type of stuff!!

The Attic said...

Hi Val!
I would be the same way if my daughter was away...you poor thing! I'm sure he had a wonderful experience. Wish I had been at the store when you came in..sorry! I did go by your place the day before your Market sale, and purchased one of your prints! I had to have it because it reminded me of my daughter sooo much! I have to really neat old wool sweaters I want to give you for crafting. I will bring them with me on Sunday so next time you are near the store, pop in! I work this Sunday and next Wed.