Thursday, August 20, 2009

Out, Out, Damned Doubt

Oh, trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble
Feels like every time I get back on my feet
she come around and knock me down again
Oh, worry, worry, worry, worry
Sometimes I swear it feels like this worry is my only friend

I woke up with this Ray LaMontagne song running through my head this morning. Other than fact that I love, love, love this song, it's words are tripping a trigger with me today.

What's to worry and fret about? Well, the truth of that matter is I'm no longer worried and troubled. I am just suffering the lingering effects of my last two worry racked days. I have been waiting to hear back about two proposals I put out within the last month. The first is the Rady Children's Hospital project, and the second is the Lark book proposal. Somehow I got it into my head that I'd hear about both of them on August 18. Finally, I looked over both RFPs on the 19th, and found out I'd hear about one through the mail beginning on the 19th, and the second, I won't hear about until the week of the 24th. So, worry and trouble be damned!!

Worry, fret and trouble go hand in hand with the Virgo personality, well, at least MY Virgo personality! It really is something that's "been doggin' my soul since the day I was born" Okay, it's out there now, another fun fact about me! Well, I know we all have days when worry and trouble get the best of us. It's just that the last two days have had me paralyzed by fear, and that's about the most counterproductive situation ever. So, get out Doubt. I've looked at you and talked to you. Now leave me be so I can get on with what needs to get done around these parts!

Side note about this post: Sorry about the weird line breaks... it's nothing I can figure out how to fix. Somehow the editing mechanism within this post is all messed up today. Must have something to do with all the worry and doubt. Well, get ready; I'm going to stamp it OUT!!


Tamerie Shriver said...

I doubt you really have anything to worry about. Your work is awesome and they would both be lucky to have you on their projects! And what a cute lamb. I just want to hug him.

sandra Lee said...

Remember the "Don't worry, Be happy" song...I try to think about that little song when I worry because we know our worry really gets us nowhere!!! And you Miss Val are so creative and good at what you do that you have no reason to worry!!!!