Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Best Model

Um, that would be me. Yep; Me, Myself, and I. But, as my mom so generously put it last week, "Well, Val, most women aren't as 'hippy' as you are, and most women are a little bigger 'up top.'" Uh, yeah, thanks Mom, I know. (See that look on my face? that's the 'thanks, I know' look)

So, I'm needing to buy myself a dummy. One of those dressmaker's dummies. One that's more a 'regular' woman's shape. I think I'm going to need one that's adjustable, so I can make up size 6s and size 10s and size 12s. I just think my friends are getting tired of me measuring them in all the private places, boob wise and all. The biggest dilemma is where to store such a dummy. When one works out of their dining room in their small beachside house, it's awfully hard to disguise an adjustable dummy. When one also lives in a house of boys, it's even tougher still. I can hear it now; "Mommm, don't even think of putting that thing in HERE." *sigh*

So, speaking of dressmaking, that's what I've been up to. Not exactly dresses though. More like vests. They are slow and pretty painful at this point. One, because I don't have the dang dummy. And two, because I'm designing them as I go. No patterns, just images out of my head. I love how they are turning out though, so that's a good omen. These vests are my answer to the dilemma of felted sweaters for women. Women of many sizes, because the vests are adjustable, and can be sized like this: "One size fits many". That works, doesn't it? I like the sounds of that!

So, one day finished, the next day, gone. Cause that's what's going on tomorrow. Beth from Somerset Publications wants to meet me and my vests in person. So, off we go to Laguna Niguel, and we are presenting ourselves, and hopefully will make a positive impression on the people of Somerset. They are keeping my vests for a spring publication, BUT they only get them for one month. Then the vests are going into the Chargers Fashion
Show that's happening in November. But more about this later...

These vests are a combination of felted wool or cashmere, fashion fabric that I haven't been able to resist by the likes of Heather Bailey or Tina Givens, and needle felted irresistibles by yours truly. (Uh, that would be me.) The true art is definitely in the needle felting, but also in the craftsmanship, and especially the sewing. I take a huge amount of pride in my sewing skills, stemming from learning from my mom at aged 7, to spending babysitting money on patterns and fabric in my teens, to being a poor fashion-aholic in my 20s, and learning to copy fashions (sans patterns) from Vogue Magazine. Needless to say, these vests are beautifully made, top to bottom.

So, take a gander, as I am. I need to look at them, photograph them, touch them (so soft!), and talk about
them. I've put alot into them, and so I will miss them. Things like this are normal for me. Probably by next week, I'll be over them and onto the next item. In fact, a new birdy painting came to me today. Can't wait to get the sweaters and fluff off the dining room table so the painting and stitching can begin! It's pretty much a whirlwind around here, don't you know it!!

Lastly, this weekend (Sunday) is my Felted Book Cover Class at Paper Tales. The class is limited to 10 people, and last I checked, 6 people had signed up. Call over to Paper Tales 619-222-2510 to get yourself signed right UP so you can make yourself that cutie pie book cover!

And, very much, the final item, this Saturday is the Strut For Sobriety Fashion Show, a Jeff and Jer event! I have been invited to participate as a vendor along with my friend Judy Thacker of JudiPatudi. We will be showing a myriad of items, but mostly our sweet recycled lines of needle felted children's clothing. So, if you're there, stop by and say Hi!

Now, do I have time to get to that birdy painting?...


Tamerie Shriver said...

I think you are the perfect model. Good luck at your Somerset presentation. How exciting!

sandra Lee said...

Val, they are absolutely adorable and You are a very nice model...Good luck and have some FUN!!!!

Cindy said...

These vests are just gorgeous...I truly admire the craftmanship. Those green flowers are so beautiful!