Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hey All You Needlefelters!

Were you at Artisans' Alley today? Did you visit me, and see I wasn't laying prone in my booth?! (:o) Yea! I'm happy you came!) Do you want to learn how to Needlefelt in a similar style as I do? Well, now you have the opportunity! Call over to Paper Tales, and get yourself signed up for my CLASS! Next Saturday, Dec. 12 from 3-6 pm, you can learn how to make an AWESOME Needlefelted Birdy book cover. It's so magical and cute! It will be the start of your needle felting journey, and I will teach you how to do exactly the same thing as what I do. Once you learn the basic step, you can take it into any direction your heart desires. Hooray! So, call over to Paper Tales right now! and get yourself signed UP. The class is limited to 10 people, so Hurry UP! You'll be glad you did :o)

PS. I wrote this post 1.25 hours after I returned home from Artisans' Alley, and after my husband made me a very stiff martini. I don't know how my typing looks, and it's a good thing my computer tells me when I make a mistake, because there's LOTS that needs fixing here!

PPS. I loved seeing ALL of you today, and your comments ROCKED, make my DAY and YEAR spin out of ORBIT, and make everything I do completely worthwhile. I love you and all your support more than you will EVER know! xxxooo :o)

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sandra lee said...

Val, I am sorry I did not make it your way but it sounds like you had a terrific day! So great to hear the joy in your words...Happy Holidays!