Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally! Scene 7 Style Awards Video Posted!

Okay, you asked, and I finally managed to figure out how to post it. I had to upload the Style Awards Fashion Show, scene 7 video to YouTube, and after two failed attempts, it worked perfectly! Greg was doing the filming so I could watch the scene, and run back stage to meet the kids after their part finished. My four outfits are the first four you see in the scene. You can see photos of the outfits here. The other outfits are by sisters Kit and Heather Haas, of Five Loaves Two Fish.

The singer is a 13 year old boy. Oops, young man. Isn't his voice amazing? Unfortunately, Greg got a bit bored with the song, so you can see how he assuaged his boredom. Sorry. Just had to get to the part where I stepped out on stage on my two tall towers! Too fun!

If you want to see the video of me walking the catwalk, click here. That was scene 11, where all the featured designers came out to walk the catwalk and hear applause for all their HARD WORK. Yep, there's plenty of hard work in putting together a line. Now, I have full experience in this department, and I know just what goes into it. Heck, Project Runway, here I come! (jk)

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