Monday, May 24, 2010

Whoo Loves You?!

Me! That's whoo!

Here's the finally-finished version of the sweetie-pie Owlie dress, skirt and purse. As always, photos don't do the outfit justice. It's so, so cute.

I think it's neat how I am so much in love with any just finished creation. Does that happen to you too? It used to be that I wanted to have it, hold it, and keep it close forever. But, now I can take a photo and then let them go. Fly away Owlies, to make another one happy. Lord knows, I've had many happy moments with you so far :o)

Speaking of the flying away... golly, it's hard for me to even say this! No, I'm not flying away, but I did just actually apply for a job . It was a job posted on Craig's List, so those are jobs you can just apply to by email. A quick introduction letter, attach the resume, hit send, and off it goes. I did this with a heavy heart, because there's nothing I want to do more in this world than create my cuteness over here and make other's happy with it. But, the economy has been so rough lately, and my husband's company has no work. So, the decision is to rent out our house , or for me to get a job , or for Greg to do something else. He's as bad as me as far as wanting to stick with his chosen profession (he's a designer too, like me). So, I'm trying to do my part for my family, and if that means trying to find a job to supplement my income, well then, that's what I will need to do. I'll keep you posted...


Karin said...

So adorable Val!! I know the feeling about picking up extra work. I'm going to do some substitute teaching....but what I really want to do is just play with glitter. I'll talk to you soon! Karin

TUTU Monkey said...

ADORABLE....!!!! You do such amazing work.

.....our family economizing happened when I quit work to be home with takes a little adjustment.

Valerie said...

Thanks Karin and Dana, I really appreciate your comments. Adjusting is what we're all about over here. We've been in adjustment mode over the last 6+ months when work at my husband's office came to a halt. We are hoping things turn around, but it doesn't look likely it will happen soon enough. Do you know anyone who is looking to rent in Coronado?

Estela said...

LOVE!! the outfit. Adorable.

What kind of job are you looking for?

Valerie said...

Thanks Estela :o)

About the job... I guess I'm looking for a job that will engage my mind, something to enrich my life, something that feels like I'm not selling myself to the devil just to make money by working for someone else. Do you have any suggestions?! ;o)

How's the Liesl going?