Friday, September 3, 2010

Recipe For A Scooter Backpack Bag

Though it's not completely finished, I couldn't resist posting
my recipe for making up the Scooter Backpack that's been haunting my head for the past 8 months.... (Remember the Scooter Skirt? Well, here's the backpack... who knows what'll become of this fabric next?!) I wonder if this is what happens to chefs-? Do they dream and fixate on food pairings until they can actually make them up to see if it all comes together properly? Well, in any case, that's how it works for me. Here's the recipe:

Scooter Backpack Bag
Step 1. Take some fabric that you are obsessed about. It must be fabric that you can't get out of your head, no matter how hard you try. (I learned this from Susan, who taught me how to knit. She told me that if you really love the yarn, you'll stay with the project until it's done. Believe me, this is how it needs to be done with knitting, for projects can take MONTHS!) I chose my fabulous Echino Ni-co Scooter fabric, which I love so much that I've ordered it in all the colorways, except pink. Yes, I know; I'm obsessed. Wait, I should say that the fabric chose ME...

Step 2. Take your drawing, to guide how you will design the project. Cut out your fabric to reflect how it goes together with your drawing. It helps to draw up a pattern as you go, so if your project is successful, you'll be able to make it again.

Step 3. Pull a few felted sweaters from your stash, and add them into the fabric mix. Plan carefully and cut ONCE (hopefully)

Step 4. It will help if you know how to sew at this point :o) Okay, sew it up. (This step has taken me THREE DAYS. I'm not even done yet...)

Step 5. Take time to admire and photograph... and post it to your blog. Yes, you are a proud parent of this one!

Step 6. Continue admiration. I just can't wait 'til it's DONE!

Step 7. Since you are STILL so in love with it, it will be easy to stay focused to finish the dang thing! Check back soon for the finished Scooter Bag... in all it's fantastic glory!

Will I have the Scooter Backpack at Art Walk? Heck yes! Not too sure of how I'll price it just yet. How does one put a price on something that's been 8 months in the thinking stage, and 4 days in the construction phase-???


Susan Wells said...

That is the CUTEST backpack I've ever seen...the fabrics, the construction, the beautiful's got it all! When I read "Scooter backpack" I eagerly clicked on the page cuz I've got the biggest soft spot for anything named Scooter (the best dog who ever lived!). I was not disappointed!
Re: pricing...that is such a tough one and always a dilemna.

Valerie said...

Oh, Susan, yes, of course, Scooter. All the more reason to love this backpack :o)

Cyndy said...

Sooo darling, I plan to visit it...and you of course, at Art Walk.
See you then.

junelle said...

You are amazing! I love sewing as well and sometimes I get so hungry to sew something I have seen or thought would be cool. Your ideas are fab!!! What a great/well made/good looking bag!

I hope you will show the whole enchilada of what you will be selling - I am so excited for you!

Laurie Nies said...

Had to visit your blog after our chat last night. LOVE the scooter bacckpack, put me down for one! See you at Art Walk~ Laurie :)

Sandy Michelle said...

What a neat idea!! I just saw your work in Somerset Home and you did a fabulous job!

Sandy xox

Valerie said...

Thank you all, for these wonderful comments! I sure hope I will be able to construct several more bags before the big day! Oh well, if not, i can always take orders.... Sandy, thanks for noticing me in S.Home. I'm amazed you found me through all of Deb's work ;o) She's all over the place in there. (That's a good thing!)
-xx, Val