Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holiday Happenings!

Happy Holidays... (does that sound right?) Wasn't it just summer? Was Halloween yesterday? Where has the time gone, and just HOW does it fly by so dang fast???

Ok, I know things are busy, ('tis the season-?) and hey-- I'll be the first to admit that life has driven me a l i t t l e bit crazy of late. One can only cram just so much into the course of a day/week/month, and I think I've been in overdrive. I'm not making excuses. I just know it's been so.

Well, enough of that, because we have THE HOLIDAYS to celebrate, and WE are going to do it in STYLE! WE (that would be me) WE are celebrating until the CoWs come HoMe, and there are LoTs of opportunities for you to come and CeLeBrAtE with ME!!! Check it out....

  • Sunday, November 21st at the Talmadge Art Show in Hillcrest. This one day craft and art fair is filled with exceptional art and wearable pieces, it takes place at the San Diego Women's Club. This will be my first year as an exhibitor, and I am very much looking forward to showing my handmade loveables at this impressive show. You won't be disappointed if you plan a visit to the Talmadge Art Show!
  • Saturday, November 27th at The New San Diego Children's Museum I'm so excited about being able to attend this one day show and sales event with Make Good of South Park, in San Diego! The New Children's Museum is a large, amazing facility, located in the heart of downtown. Only two years old, it's the only combination children + contemporary art museum in existence. This unique arts/crafts/handmade event takes place on this ONE day only, inside the museum. No admission to the museum is necessary to attend this special arts event!
  • Saturday, December 4th at Artisans' Alley in Coronado. Come help me celebrate my 4th year Anniversary of beginning my business, where it started right here in this very venue! **Please note: this will be my 3rd event in a 2 week period, and I will not be creating any new inventory for Artisans' Alley. I will probably plan to have a champagne party to celebrate the growth of Val's Art Studio in these past 4 years! (just kidding, I don't think they will allow me to do that!) But, I might have cookies and punch to distribute along with hopefully very little inventory... providing my sales are good at events # 1+2. At least that's the plan...
Enjoy the merry making, the turkey preparations, the readying to tinsel, and mark your calendars for a Val's Art Studio visit... I can't wait to see you, and toast (wink) to the Holidays. Let it be merry and bright!

x, Val


Tamerie Shriver said...

You are just too busy! There must be time for those margaritas though! We all have to have our priorities, right?
How is life in PL treating you?


Sandy Michelle said...

Yes I can't believe it either that we're already so close to Christmas. I would be tired too if I was part of so many shows. Good luck with it and I love your Santa piece!

Sandy xo