Friday, November 19, 2010

Theme #1 Revealed for Talmadge Art Show This Sunday!

Only managing to fulfill a portion of my handmade desires, I am still working diligently towards my goal list for these 3 upcoming shows over the next 2 weeks. Moving households really put a wrench into my works (have I mentioned this before...?) Then, Michelle had to have her wisdom teeth removed... (heck, Michelle, now?? Really? -just kidding, hope you're feeling better very soon :o)

Each show seems to have a specific theme, or at least it does in my minds eye. I was invited to the Talmadge Art Show as a Fiber artist, so I am trying to show my best Fiber work for Talmadge (heck, everything I do is fiber art!)

Well, for Talmadge, I am planning to show a new line of more affordable Audubon inspired scarves. My original intent was to feature not only birds, but butterflies and dragon flies too. Those are currently sitting in the backseat of my creative endeavors... not too sure
they will be able to be created by Sunday... but I will do my best to include a couple.

I am in love with each and every bird I create, but I'm especially fond of this beautiful owl. It was a challenge to figure out what bird might be able to go on this festive red silk scarf, but a perusal through my Audubon book brought forth the wonderful Snowy Owl, and it was a done deal!

These scarves are incredible to wear, but they are equally lovely dressing an entry table, or draped over a chair, even hug as a wall hanging. They are created with wool and mohair locks infused with glittering accents sparkling in the light. They are glorious. Given as a gift, they look like they cost a million bucks, but I will be selling them at the Talmadge show for a mere $68.00! I don't have too many, so show up early for the best selection.

See you on Sunday!!


Jagusia said...

Wonderful !!!
Great works

Plastusia said...

Beautiful birds!