Monday, November 8, 2010

Work It

Work it good!

Here's where I work it by day.... Mmm, humm, I work it good! (Do you remember that Devo song? Whip It Good. It's always been one of my favorites!) Ok, so I thought I'd show you the new work space at Lizzy Lou's (my mom's house) where I work by day. It's a great room, with lots of windows and light, and an outdoor porch where Lola can hang and look down on the neighborhood happenings. We have room for Michelle to come and help me when she can. We are a happy group here, we get lots accomplished, and our new routine seems to be humming right along. (btw, that lion mosaic collage hanging on the wall is something I created in high school. Amazing how parents never throw anything away...)

Michelle works at the desk in front (the cleared off one). It normally doesn't look so neat and tidy :o) -NOT to say Michelle's messy. She's just between projects!

All the furniture is from my husband's office. He's been downsizing too, so I received a lot of his cast offs. For this, I'm really grateful. I love all this old medical furniture that's been reconditioned and restored. He has loads of these pieces.

Working on Friendly Stuffs sure brings out the wooly scraps. Here is how they begin. A big happy pile of felted wool sweater scraps. Usually, Lola lays on one pile or the other. Have no fear, she doesn't shed, and she's hypo-allergenic. (I know, I am highly allergic to cats and most dogs). Soon, the scraps take one form or another, looking something like this...

After a few more zigs and zags, and a stuff with fluff, they take their proper Friendly form. Just sitting and waiting to be taken to a new home, and properly loved. Not to say we don't love them! Each one gets the royal lovey-dovey treatment during construction. How can you not love them?!

Many Friendlys are being made for our big one day show and sale at the New San Diego Children's Museum, on Saturday, November 27th. I will be there with the Make Good Group. The Friendly Stuffs and I will be there with bells on, with lots of other friendly items from Val's Art Studio! Mark your calendar and come down to see us and say HI!


vesna said...

very lovely!

junelle said...

Oh my goodness...darling!

I am so jealous of your friendly workspace, it looks like so much fun to walk into~

Your little munchkies are delicious. I am in love. Love I tell you!!!